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Selling A Rental Property

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Tired of Dealing with Tenants and Repairs?

When you first purchased that rental property you were excited at the prospect of gaining passive income and financial independence. However, tenant demands, pesky repairs, and issues with hunting down monthly rent payments mean that you haven’t achieved all you expected. Is it all worth it anymore? Well, selling a rental property with a tenant is easy with us! We’ll help you by selling a rental property with tenants so that you can get cash in hand fast

Sometimes owning a rental property doesn’t work out well for everyone. However, we can help you to get your rental property sold quickly so that you can get cash in hand fast and you can get some of your investment back

Our Fast and Easy 4-Step Process:

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With years of experience in the real estate market, we can quickly do market research and get you a fair market offer for your home. If the range we provide is suitable then we can schedule a visit to assess your home.

We Meet At Your Home To Assess It With You

You don’t need to rush to repair that leaky faucet or touch up a wall like when you’re selling with realtors. We will visit your home and assess everything to verify the details we spoke about when you contacted us. We can then provide you with a written offer and go through the rest of the purchase process.

We make you an offer

We present you w/ a fair written, no-obligation offer.

You Pick Your Closing Date And Make Settlement

You set the timeline that works for you while we tend to the details. Once everything is ready, you simply sign the paperwork and receive cash for your home in a matter of hours.

We make selling your home easy. Don’t waste time dealing with all of the hassle. Get cash for your home today with Fast Homebuyers!

You’re Not Up To Being a Landlord

There are certainly benefits to being a landlord, but it’s not for everyone, and with good reason. Are you dealing with tenants trashing your rental or being late on payments, or not even paying? You have to do a cost-benefit analysis in everything you do and sometimes the benefits are simply not worth the cost. You can stop dealing with shady renters, endless repairs, and the worry of filling a vacancy in just days! We buy houses and buy them at a fair price so our clients can get on with their lives

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