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Ways to know the market value of a home and sell it fast

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When you list a house For Sale By Owner, you may need ways to know the market value of a home and sell it fast. If a buyer finds it on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), they will look for Days on Market (DOM). This shows the number of days a house has been on the market before the seller has accepted an offer and signed a contract for the sale of the property.

Next, if you want to know if your home falls within Average Days on the market, you must check the Average Days metric. This metric represents the number of days your house has been on the market. If DOM is greater than the nationwide average day on market, then your house has been on the market too long.

What to do to sell your house fast?

If your house is on the market too long, then the chances are traditional buyers won’t give you your desired price which increases the chances that your house will continue to sit on the market. This helps you understand what you can do to sell your house fast.

Consider Renovation

If you have put your property on the market and are still not getting any responses, you may want to do a complete property makeover. Ideas to update your home might include a fresh coat of paint, new carpet, updating the kitchen cabinets, remodeling the bathrooms, and perhaps some lawn and landscaping for curb appeal. You might also want to repaint the interior of your house to give it a fresh and newer appearance. Any improvements that you make to the property will go a long way in making your house appealing to potential buyers. So, in short, a house For Sale By Owner should always look attractive.

Make The Exterior Look Attractive

One of the biggest reasons why a house is not selling is because it does not have an attractive exterior appearance. If you do not do anything to spruce up the house exterior, it will likely not attract any buyers, no matter how attractive its features may be. So, if your property has a drab color scheme, paint the house, and replace the door and windows, you will likely find the same results as if you had spruced up the property with new furniture and fixtures.


You must also look at the condition of the inside of a house when you are asking yourself, “Why is the house not selling?” The property must not be cluttered, or present any health or safety hazards. Clutter makes the home feel small and cramped. Consider vertical blinds or shutters to allow natural light to fill the room, giving the room a larger and more open feeling.

Take Advertising Seriously

Another reason why a house is not selling is simply that there are no interested buyers. It may take months to months for a house to sell, depending on how quickly buyers move. If your house does not immediately sell, try putting some flyers on bulletin boards around town, advertising your property. If there are people in your area who might be interested in buying a home, they could find your flyer in the pile of papers after they do their weekly grocery shopping, and this is one way to get it in front of them.


It is always wise to hire a realtor to sell your home than to try to sell your home yourself. However, you may be looking for ways to know the market value of a home. Realtors have both the knowledge and experience of how the market works. And the legal and regulatory requirements associated with selling a home. As a result, they can sell your house fast at your desired price and help you avoid missing any crucial steps in the process.

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