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If you own your home, there’s a good chance you have seen advertisements from companies that offer to buy homes in any condition. These off-market home buying companies are often a convenient way for sellers to quickly sell their homes. They also ensure the sellers’ safety throughout the transaction. In most cases, the homes are purchased as-is, with no repairs needed to be done by the seller. The experience can be great for sellers who don’t want to be bothered with renovations, staging a home, taking photos, dealing with a real estate agent, etc.

Off-market home buying offers are typically fair and cash. This eliminates the potential for financing to fall through at the last minute. This may sound too good to be true, but there are actually legitimate companies out there. Fast Homebuyers has an A-rating with the Better Business Bureau and numerous successful Virginia closings under their belt. We buy homes and we’ll answer some key questions to explain the process in greater detail. Read on if you’re interested in learning more about how it works. 

Are Home Buying Companies Legitimate? 

Not all companies that offer to buy your home are legitimate. If you’re approached by a company that makes a cash offer for your home, be cautious and exercise due diligence to avoid falling victim to a scam. Research the home buying company before submitting any information. Verify the name and address with the Better Business Bureau to ensure they’re actually a legitimate business instead of a scammer. Check for complaints against the company and read all reviews.

There are some companies that ask for money up-front – avoid these companies. You shouldn’t be charged a fee to sell your home. Another red flag is a company that pressures you to make an immediate decision. Although the market changes rapidly, it’s always best to take your time and carefully review the offer and contract before making a decision. An honest, reputable company will be totally transparent and want you to fully understand the process and details of the sale. 

What is the Process Called? 

The process of selling your home to a company is called an off-market sale. Instead of listing your home on an open market allowing buyers to make offers, you’re selling it privately. Typically, these off-market companies are investment companies that will rehab the homes and resell them or rent them out. 

Can I Sell My House Without A Real Estate Agent? 

You can sell your house without an agent by listing it for sale by the owner on the open market. You can also decide you want to avoid the hassle of listing it yourself and selling it off-market. A major advantage to selling off-market is eliminating the commission you’d have to pay real estate agents. 

What is the Process Like When We Buy Homes? 

To start the process, fill out a simple form online that requests the address of the home and some basic information. Next, you’ll be contacted to discuss the condition of the home, including any major issues and repairs needed. If your home meets our buying criteria, we’ll schedule an appointment at your convenience to check out the home and make you a cash offer. In an off-market sale through Fast Homebuyers, we can close in as little as 8 days. You can also contact us by phone to get an offer. 

Each month a home sits on the market without a sale, it’s a month of bills and expenses you’re stuck paying. The faster you close, the quicker you’ve got cash on hand. Our process is fast and easy. We’re quickly becoming the go-to company for Virginia homeowners who want to sell their homes fast. 

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